How Do You Pull Through?

Ever get put through the wringer? Well, here’s the real McCoy…


I found this ancient gizmo while driving through Okay, Oklahoma yesterday. It was sitting outside on someone’s front lawn.

 The wringer (in this photo it’s the attachment on the upper left that looks a little like a lobster claw) is a device that squeezes water out of clothes. When people washed clothes by hand in the old days, it was a rather demanding experience, an ordeal. Over time, the wringer has become a metaphor for anything that is considered difficult or painful.

 Sometimes, life can be a wringer. Cancer puts people through the wringer. Deaths of loved ones put can put people through the wringer. Losing jobs put people through the wringer.

Where does faith fit in?

When you get put through the wringer, how do you pull through?


About Rich Kenney

Rich Kenney is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Social Work Program at Chadron State College in Chadron, Nebraska.
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One Response to How Do You Pull Through?

  1. This is where I find an ol’ clothesline and hang myself outside to dry. I then allow the “son” to warm my worries away, and I allow the fresh air to enter my soul. When I am completely dry ( and smell like spring) I continue onward by faith!

    Great post!

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