Wedding Speech

Wedding - Shelley and Rich

Two weeks ago, my step-daughter, Shelley, was married. My wedding speech went something like this:

There’s a movie I like called When Harry Met Sally. And in this old movie, a love story, actually, there’s a scene where Harry says to Sally:

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start right now.”

Shelley and Chad, the rest of your lives are starting right now. Everyone here is so happy for you both. And I’m especially proud of you, Shelley, for all that you’ve accomplished at such a young age.

Your mom, by the way, is always reminding me.

I remember when you first started working for Encompass Health Care a few years ago and how you were flying to different cities all over the Midwest every week, training employees and giving presentations. It seemed like you were always in the air.

We’d be sitting watching TV at night and your mom would say, “Well, Shelley should be landing in about twenty minutes.” Ten minutes later, she’d say, “Well, Shelley should be landing in ten minutes.” Ten minutes would go by: “Well, Shelley’s landed. Tomorrow, she’ll be training people almost twice her age. Imagine that, little Shelly, training all those people. She’s only 23, you know.” And then your mom would look back at the TV, a contented smile on her face.

Sometimes, we’d be driving in the car, and your mom would say, “Well, Shelley’s making her presentation in fifteen minutes.” Fifteen minutes later: “Shelley’s making her presentation right now. Imagine that, little Shelley, all grown up. She’s only 24, you know.” And again, that contented smile.

Shelley, you have a lot of fans in this room and I’m proud to be one of them. But always know one of your greatest fans is sitting right here, your mom.

Sometime tomorrow, probably while we’re flying back to Nebraska, your mom will say to me, “Well, Shelley’s married now. Imagine that, little Shelley, married.” And already, I can hear the pride in her voice, see that contented look in her eyes. A mother’s special love for her daughter.

Please raise your glasses with me for a toast. Congratulations, Shelley and Chad.

Cherish the rest of your lives together. We love you.

About Rich Kenney

Rich Kenney is an Associate Professor and Director of the Social Work Program at Chadron State College in Chadron, Nebraska.
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  1. Very beautiful, Rich. And congratulations!

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